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Soup of the day € 4,80


Croquettes with cheese€ 12,90

Croquettes with shrimps € 15,90

With fresh North sea shrimps

Scampi with garlic butter € 16,90

7 pieces

Deep fried calamari€ 14,90

Salad with North sea shrimps€ 17,90

Homemade croquettes of veal sweetbreads€ 16,90

Speciality of the chef

Tartar of smoked salmon and gray shrimps€ 18,90

With mango and avocado

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Main courses


Steak - first choice (250 gr.)€ 19,90

Without sauce or with sauce of your choice (+3€: green pepper, mushroom and cream or provençale)

Tenderloin (250 gr.) - first choice€ 27,90

Without sauce or with sauce of your choice (+3€: green pepper, mushroom and cream or provençale)

Western rib-eye with Rocquefort sauce€ 26,00

Mussels Jumbo

Natural€ 25,90

White wine€ 28,90

Garlic € 28,90

Cream€ 30,90

Maison - Provençale€ 29,90


Fried dover sole (3 pieces) € 25,90

With salad and fresh tartar

Fried codfish (350 gr.)€ 24,90

With salad and fresh tartar

Giant fried pleace (700 gr.)€ 23,90

With salad and fresh tartar

Fish pan ‘au gratin’€ 23,90

With shrimps, cod, salmon, sole, mussels

Scampi with garlic butter (9 pieces)€ 22,90

Scampi maison with salad (9 pieces)€ 23,90

With paprika, mushroom and ricard creamsauce

2 croquettes with shrimps€ 19,90

served with French fries and salad

Trio of artisan croquettes € 22,90

Shrimp, cheese and sweetbreads

Tomato with North sea shrimps€ 24,90

Panko breaded cod fillet€ 24,90

With chicory, mango and avocado

Bouillabaisse with rouille and croutons€ 26,90

Extra: fresh mayonnaise, tartar, barbecue sauce€ 0,90

Big portion: +1€

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Dishes for children & Snacks

Dishes for children

Mussels€ 18,00

Spaghetti junior€ 11,00

Curry sausage with salad and French fries€ 11,00

Children's steak with salad and French fries€ 16,00

Fishsticks with salad and French fries€ 12,00


Spaghetti Bolognaise€ 15,00

Mixed plate of Calamares, scampi and mini spring rolls€ 13,00

Big portion: +€ 8,00

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Veggie & Salads


Veggie balls in tomato sauce€ 19,00

With French fries and salad

Mixed salad€ 12,00

Cappellini provençale€ 15,00

Cheese croquettes with salad€ 17,00

Salad with baked quorn, apple and ananas
€ 20,00

Fried sushi rolls (2) with wasabi and wakamé€ 21,00


Salad with chicken€ 20,00

With crusty chicken filets, apple and ananas

Salad with smoked salmon and north sea shrimps € 21,00

Salad with fried scampi€ 21,00

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Children's ice cream€ 6,00

Coupe vanille€ 8,00

Dame Blanche€ 9,00

Brésilienne€ 9,00

Coupe advokaat€ 9,00

Hot homemade apple pie € 7,00

Hot homemade apple pie € 9,00

With ice cream and whipped cream

Homemade tiramisu€ 7,00

Chocolate mousse€ 7,00